TurfSustain "A guide to turf management in Western Australia"

This book comprises 90 pages of full colour, high quality articles, photos, recommendations and facts.

  • over 200 colour photos;
  • 20 case studies illustrating how turf managers are putting sustainability into practice;
  • find out about practical ways of monitoring your fertiliser, irrigation, mowing, renovation, weed, pest and disease programs;
  • many useful hints and tools that make monitoring easy;
  • photos and descriptions of the 20 main weed and pest problems;
  • information on soils, water and turf species of the coastal plain of Western Australia and;
  • practical application of best practice turf management

Training in the field

  • See how to solve your turf problems!
  • Use the latest turf monitoring tools!
  • Improve your irrigation and nutrient practices!
  • Covers all turf maintenance topics including:
    • fertilisers, nutrients, irrigation
    • mowing, pests/weeds and diseases, renovation

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